Connecting Spirit to Mind and Body

Mind Body SpiritWe’ve all heard of the mind, body, spirit, connection, but how much spiritual energy do you bring to your wellness goals? Do you make the connection between optimal wellness and your sense of life purpose and meaning?

For most people, the answer is not so much. Wellness, to many, is about diet and exercise.

This makes perfect sense, when you think about it. We can easily see the connection between doing physical things and the impact it has on our physical body. For example, the fewer calories you take in and the more calories you use typically results in a reduction in weight.

Only, for most people, it’s not that easy. There wouldn’t be millions spent on diets and workout gadgets if it were.

One of the reasons it is so challenging is that if people don’t feel a purpose in what they’re doing, or it’s not in some way connected to their values, they aren’t going to take much positive action. Without engaging spiritual energy, people may even take counter-action to sabotage themselves.

I’m sure no dieters out there can identify with having a hard time sticking to a food plan, or bingeing, or just plain giving up.

Tapping into your spiritual energy is about connecting what you are doing to create optimal wellness (diet and exercise) with Who you believe you are, and how your purpose, vision, goals, values, and desires affect it.

The more you integrate your inner beliefs and purpose with your actions, the more spiritual energy you will have to succeed.

One of the ways that I tap into spiritual energy is that I believe my body is a gift for which it is appropriate to be grateful. While it is mine to create as I wish—and every creation is beautiful—I believe that enabling my body to function optimally fully allows me to express my authentic best and be more fully Who I am meant to be.

After all, how well can you serve or take care of others if you have no physical energy to give? How well can you create the life of your dreams if you don’t feel physically well?

What personal values might you express or honor when you eat healthy foods and exercise? How do your beliefs and values about your body affect how you take care of it? How does your desire to make a contribution impact your choices? How might tapping into spiritual energy help you meet your wellness goals?

Together we can do it!

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11 thoughts on “Connecting Spirit to Mind and Body

  1. Very well stated Hanna. There is little question that connecting to Spirit is important, not only for the creation of positive momentum by discovering purpose, but for long term sustainability of anything that benefits our wellness.

  2. Thank you for this breath of fresh air to my soul. I am definitely seeing a definite correlation between my higher self and my wellness goals, for sure. In fact, I was just discussing something similar to this with friends a little while ago. It’s funny, since having dealt with my issues surrounding my godfather, I dropped almost 15 lbs overnight. I saw that the excess baggage I was carrying was manifesting itself into weight. As I seek to speak my truth without shame, my body seems to be responding by releasing the pain I was carrying around…. and I find sticking to the goals I set for myself is so much easier. To tie it all together, I am getting miraculous glimpses of what I really want out of life now… instead of running from my truth. The more I embrace my authentic longings, the easier it is to stick to my diet and health goals. 🙂

    Again, thank you for such a wonderfully insightful post.

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