12 thoughts on “Mental Stress Relief

  1. Great blog today as usual 🙂 I was just talking to my husband this week about how I did not have a plan and had been making food choices that were not optimal out of habit or convenience. Spending some itme this weekend working on a meal plan and cooking what i cna ahead of time. This leaves more mental energy for something else! Thanks Hanna!

  2. When your post popped up on my email I burst out laughing…. I was negotiating a real estate contract, talking to my buyers and my real estate partner, working on a research project for my dad,trying to negotiate the move of a heavy old TV back to its location, Trying to get the college boys to not shout about their computer game and getting a huge headache…. I was definetly wishing that I had stayed in my nice quiet real estate office to finish the contract negotiation and the research project. I could have controlled how many distraction I had. Now I only have 3 more things on my to do list for the day!

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