Can You Relate?

We’ve all heard of the body, mind, spirit connection, but what does that really mean?

It means that diet and exercise alone are not enough to create the body of your dreams. To successfully create optimal wellness, you must also pay attention to your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.

It means you must have a relationship with your body.

How do you currently relate to your body? Do you love and appreciate it? Admire its strength and flexibility? Acknowledge how hard it’s working on your behalf? Consider it beautiful?

Or do you ignore it? Complain about it? Think and say mean and hurtful things about it? Do you consider your body incapable of grace, beauty, or athleticism? Think it’s impossible for you to lose weight, or feel ugly or fat?

These kinds of thoughts, feelings, and beliefs generate negative catabolic energy that is literally having a destructive effect at the cellular level. Stop a moment and think, “My body is ugly.” Is there a physical feeling associated with that, such as an uncomfortable pull in the stomach?

What physical feeling results from thinking, “My body is working hard on my behalf?” Do you feel a sense of easing up?

Because you carry your body around with you everywhere you go, it is truly one of your most important relationships.

Even a little bit of catabolic energy has a huge impact on your life. Have you ever walked around with a pebble in your shoe? How long were you able to keep going before you had to stop and remove the stone, even if it was tiny? Where you able to focus on the beauty of the day and path, or was much of your attention on the stone in your shoe? What might have you missed even being a little focused on the stone?

Catabolic thoughts, feelings, and beliefs are much like a stone in your shoe. It doesn’t take much for them to distract you from the life you are creating, the joy and opportunities that abound, and the love that surrounds you. The draining effect they have accumulates over time.

With that catabolic stone in your shoe, can you do everything that you want to do? Can you achieve what you want to achieve? Can you show up in your personal relationships the way you want to show up?

Many don’t realize they have the ability to shift their thoughts, feelings and beliefs, so they just walk around continuing to perpetuate that catabolic energy.

Maybe you feel your body betrayed you by not being strong enough, healthy enough, capable enough, or beautiful enough? Imagine what you could do with that mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual energy if you were focusing it towards Who you want to be and the life you want to create?

How differently would you approach the physical actions of eating healthy and moving your body if you believed your body was capable of being fit, strong, healthy, and lean? What difference would that make to your ability to create optimal wellness? How might that impact your life?

Together we can do it!

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22 thoughts on “Can You Relate?

  1. This is marvelous, thank you. I’m doing the 30-day “Rx for Healing” found in the movie Hungry for Change. Basically you look into your own eyes in the mirror 2x/day and say, “I love you and accept you just the way you are.” And you keep saying loving things for as long as you can — but at least a minute or two. It’s hard! But the doctor who prescribes this for her patients claims this creates miraculous change. As a former Nemesis-to-myself, I’m being consistent with at least this self-love. I loved the “pebble in the shoe” metaphor. Quite a great blog, thanks again.

    • Congratulations for your awesome efforts! That is indeed a powerful exercise. But it helps if you believe what you are telling yourself. So for those who struggle with this, I would suggest easing off love if that doesn’t feel like you can get your full commitment behind it and say a positive affirmation that you can believe and work your way up to love. For instance, “I know and accept that you are doing the best that you can under the circumstances and are striving to be more.” Then maybe move up to gratitude, appreciation, and then love. Thanks for sharing this! It’s a great tip for other readers. Hanna

  2. Great post Hanna! I’m pushing my body to the limits these days when it comes to my yard projects, but at the same time I’m being mindful and careful, lifting correctly, drinking lots of water, resting…and my body is not only stepping up to the challenge but excelling! I’m waking up every morning grateful for my body is allowing me to do…that is a nice change!

    • Love it! Our bodies are truly miracles that are working overtime to create what we want. The gratitude you feel accelerates your bodies ability to work on your behalf. It’s a total win/win! Congratulations on making that change. I know it feels a ton better!

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