Love Yourself Lean

While I’m away at coach training, I’m re-running a few of my favorite blogs that you may have missed.

I used to hate my body. Almost all of my thoughts about my body were negative. How ugly it was. How awful it looked compared to everyone else’s. How weak, soft, and poorly functioning it was. I focused almost exclusively on its flaws.

Now think about the person whose body you admire most. What thoughts do you suppose they think most about their bodies? How do you think they feel most often when the look in the mirror? How much time do they spend appreciating what they have verses complaining about what they don’t?

Most people seriously underestimate the incredible power of their thoughts. Whether we are conscious of it or not, a thought must come first before we experience an emotion, generate an idea or belief, or take an action. Our thoughts truly are at the foundation of every part of our lives.

And just as a strong or weak foundation creates a strong or weak building, how strong or weak our thoughts are about our bodies creates a strong or weak body. Our bodies are a reflection of our underlying thoughts.

Thoughts also translate into actions. If you hate your body, how likely are you to eat nutritious foods? If you compare your body negatively to everyone else’s, how likely are you to join a gym and go workout? If you judge it as weak, sickly, or ill-functioning, what is the quality of your self-care?

If you want to create—and maintain—a beautiful body, the real key is to begin by shifting your thoughts about your body. Yes you will want to consistently move your body and eat healthy foods, but you also want to practice thinking more supportive thoughts about your body. Chronicle the parts of your body that work well, that are attractive, and notice where you are getting stronger. Begin appreciating just how hard your body is working on your behalf.

Your thoughts lead your life. Shift your thoughts consistently in the direction you want to go and your body—and life—will follow.

Together we can do it!


5 thoughts on “Love Yourself Lean

  1. When my tummy looks like that pic (and it will!), I will also walk around with it showing and heart hands on it. 😉 Who wouldn’t want heart hands on a fab tummy? I really enjoyed this post. Wonderful thoughts.

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