Guest Blog–It’s An Inside Job….

I invited my coach and mentor, Jennifer Barley, to guest blog while I’m away at coach training.

So often we look to the outer things in life to fix our issues. If we have financial challenges, we look to change jobs to make more money. If we have weight issues, we join a gym. If we have relationship woes, we want to change the other person. All of these efforts are about searching outside of ourselves for the solution under the guise of being happy.

Happiness is an inside job. No amount of money, no number on the scale, and no other person will bring you true happiness. Sure, those things can make life more comfortable, they could help us reduce the negative self talk, and they can bring a sense of familiarity. However if one is truly happy then they experience things that come from the inside–peace, love, and clarity–regardless of how much money is in the bank, how our pants fit and who is in our life. If we always do what we’ve always done, we will always get what we’ve always gotten. This is not about doing — it is about our being.

In order to find happiness, we have to be willing to start exploring our thoughts, feelings and actions around our challenges. That begins with our core of “Who” we are. We all have beliefs, values, core thoughts, assumptions, and interpretations that play into our view of the world. Those beliefs can enhance our world, or detract from our world.

How do your beliefs serve you? Do they keep you safe and small? Do they protect you from disappointment? Do they protect you from vulnerability? Do they allow you to play big and share your gifts with the world? Do your core thoughts allow you to share love without limits.

Which of your beliefs keep you from moving forward?

Then the big zowie of a question comes in to play….

If you were to let go of your belief, what are you really afraid might happen?

What is the worst thing that could happen? What is the best thing that could happen? Are you willing to risk it?

How willing are you to redefine your “Who”?

The world is waiting for you–your redefined Who–to show up from the inside out.

Jennifer Barley is a Professional Certified Life Coach, public speaker, Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) instructor, author and former award-winning Weight Loss Leader.

It is Jennifer’s strong belief that every person can create whatever life they choose and she partners with her clients to make it happen. She has a strong talent for motivating, inspiring and adding humor to every situation.

Jennifer works with clients one-on-one, in workshop environments, and through online tele-classes. As the KickStart Coach™ Jennifer is committed to providing the support, encouragement, accountability, and motivation that her clients need to get inspired and get in the game.

You can learn more about her at and read her blog at

4 thoughts on “Guest Blog–It’s An Inside Job….

  1. Hi, I found it interesting to read the above post. You mentioned, I quote “We all have beliefs, values, core thoughts, assumptions and interpretations that play into our view of the world”. If our world view is formed on the basis of our beliefs, values etc., I guess we need to check the rationale behind these views. I believe that beliefs, values, perceptions, interpretations are all personal in nature and are quite arguable. On the other hand we use certain natural principles such as respect, kindness, honesty, integrity etc. to guide us, we would be more safe because the principles are universal and consistent. Though it is easier to get carried away by the emotions, feelings, and thoughts; in my opinion, we need to depend more on principles for better results.

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