How’s Your Body Working for You?

Have you ever stopped to marvel at all the physical processes that are going on in your body? Without even thinking about it, your heart is beating, your lungs are taking in air, your stomach is digesting and processing food, your immune system is fighting off who knows what, blood is flowing, your brain is registering all your sensory input and is instantly putting that data to use—the list goes on and on. Each cell in your body is working hard to provide you with optimal wellness.

And what is the reward we typically give our bodies? Too often it’s an unending stream of criticism, low-nutrition food, soda instead of water, and lots of time being sedentary.

Still, our bodies do amazing things with the low-quality physical and mental resources that we provide it. The majority of people are well most of the time and are able to get through their days doing what they need to do.

Yet, if something in our bodies does start to breakdown, we often feel betrayed, self-critical, or judgmental about the inferior quality of the body we got “stuck” with. Thoughts can run along the lines of, “Out of all the bodies on the planet, mine turned out to be a lemon.”

What would happen if you showed up in the relationship with your spouse or partner the same way you show up with your body? How long do you think your partner would stick around if you spoke nothing but harsh criticism, ignored them, and didn’t do anything to take care of their needs, and in fact often sabotaged their efforts to take care of themselves?

Our bodies are often much more willing to take that kind of abuse than most people would.

And when the body’s ability to take the abuse breaks down and shows up as weight gain, sluggishness, or physical ailments, we often demand instant results for any small improvement in how we treat it.

Is there truly any closer relationship than you and your body?

Everything you think or do impacts your body. Your positive thoughts and feelings generate constructive anabolic energy, and the negative ones generate destructive catabolic energy. What this means is that your thoughts literally create hormonal responses that either build up your cells or tear them down.

Ultimately, your thoughts, feelings,  what you eat and drink, and the amount of sleep and exercise you get is all part of the love language that you use to communicate and interact with your body.

How possible is it to live the life of your dreams if you don’t feel physically well? What can you do today to treat your body with love and appreciation?

Together we can do it!

16 thoughts on “How’s Your Body Working for You?

  1. Goon one, Hanna!! We’re on the same wavelength!! I’m sitting here drinking my daily “body drink”–all organic: orange juice, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, pineapple, banana, and spinach. Then I’ll get on the treadmill for 30-40 minutes. That takes care of my “Musts,” then I’ll do “Shoulds” and “Wants.” Works for me!!

    • They truly are! And now that you are taking so much stress off your body and are at the same time taking care of it, you will start to see how much it wants to serve you by functioning optimally. Thank you so much for commenting! I really appreciate it!

  2. I definitely agree that we all expect a lot from our bodies! They are so intelligent though and can correct a lot of problems if given the chance, with good nutrition and sleep. Those little imbalances build up over time and usually have been around for a while before symptoms actually show up as a disease in the body. Prevention is the best medicine!

    • Thanks for clarifying all the points I was trying to make. Absolutely! The only other point was that if you have been in a state of imbalance for a long time, be patient! You didn’t get into that imbalanced state overnight and it will take a little time to get to the place you want to be. But our bodies are indeed magnificent and do so much with the tools we give them that with a little patience and consistent effort the changes will come. And yes, better to prevent having to go through all that in the first place. Thanks for commenting!

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