You Inspire Me!

“Gee I wish you could do these workouts with me.”

While those words are true, I would have preferred that I had kept them to myself rather than speak them to my husband, as I did last night.

I’m pretty sure he’d like to be doing the workouts with me, too. Something that, at least at this point, is not possible because he has some health challenges going on. And he’s rocking the treadmill and swimming workouts that he is doing, which are much kinder to his body.

But I’m not the first spouse to wish their partners were in a different physical place and I won’t be the last.

Often, when people I work with are starting to see results from a wellness program, one of the things they say is how frustrated they are because their spouse or partner really needs to be doing this, too—and won’t.

It’s normal for people to get a little evangelical about eating plans and workouts that are working for them. I’ve certainly been dogmatic about it in the past. But telling people what they “should” do does not work.

People have to find their own reason Why they want to be healthier, and they have to find their own way.

What does sway people is results. I tell my clients that the best way to inspire their significant others to take their wellness seriously is to show them. When people around you start to see the changes, they begin to believe it’s possible for them, too.

And this is true about life. One of the first steps in creating the world that you want to see is letting go of focusing on what others “should” be doing and start focusing on doing the work you need to do to be the best possible version of you. And then let the power of your results demonstrate how others can do it, too.

What are you doing today to create a healthy and happy life? What vision of you can you reach for that will inspire others to seek it for themselves?

Together we can do it!


8 thoughts on “You Inspire Me!

  1. LOL! Both hubby and I have tried to get the other “sharing” workouts or other things at one time or another. Sometimes though we surprise each other. A couple of years ago we adopted a dog that needed a “forever home.” The thing about dogs is (especially Labradors) is that they need exercise every day. I bless that sweet dog who has gotten the two of us out the door and onto the trails more than we would have done on our own! And I think in his doggie dreams he probably dreams “gee I wish they would do that hike with me.” Thanks for the post, Hanna and for the inspiration! (PS- you inspire me that you post every day!)

  2. What excites me is that we are both doing what we can on our shared journey to the best possible version of ourselves. I love you sugar, the best is yet to come!

  3. Bringing hubby on board with the business almost caused a DIVORCE!!! So did sharing a bank account.

    We are much better now. We learned to play nice by keeping our roles completely separate in the business, but we actually have been sharing a checkbook since 2005.

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