Does This Blog Make Me Look Thin?

While off celebrating my 20th anniversary, I’m sharing a few of my favorite blogs that you might have missed.

Have you ever lost weight, but after you met your goal you still felt fat? When you looked in the mirror, all you saw were the flaws?

How quickly did you gain back the weight?

Our thoughts and feelings are much more powerful than most people understand. When you take into account the Foundation Principle that “Energy Attracts Like Energy,” also known as the Law of Attraction, you begin to understand that how you see yourself and where you put your focus can make a difference in how well you maintain your weight loss.

To truly be a lean, strong, and fit person, it’s incredibly helpful to see yourself as a lean, strong, and fit person—at least most of the time.

One of the reasons is that when you feel thin you begin to take on the behavioral characteristics of someone who is thin.

For instance, how much easier is it to resist those chocolate chip cookies if you are feeling confident and excited about being lean, strong, and fit versus seeing yourself as fat with no hope of ever having a beautiful body?

Most people see themselves through filters of self-criticism, limiting beliefs, assumptions about past experiences repeating themselves, and self-created interpretations about their lives.

Diet and exercise alone doesn’t alter those self-perceptions. Those changes have to come from the inside out.

Removing those negative, catabolic filters and shifting your self-perception so you can truly see yourself living the life you want takes time, energy, and practice, just as creating a healthy lifestyle takes time, energy, and practice.

When you practice both the internal and external changes you begin consciously creating the life of your dreams.

How can you practice feeling thin, along with healthy eating and moving your body? How much more effective is that at helping you lose weight–and keep it off?

Together we can do it!

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6 thoughts on “Does This Blog Make Me Look Thin?

  1. Throughout most of last year I was taking Pregabalyn, an epilepsy drug which causes weight gain, water retention and – in my case – severe tendonitis. I was Fat with a capital F, I couldn’t walk, it cost me thousands of pounds in new clothes as my shape changed.

    I tried to think thin after coming off that medication, because I knew that all my physical issues would disappear as the medication left my system. I’m now a very healthy UK size 12 and, while I’m not as strong and lean as I once was, that’s my goal for this year!

  2. I love this post. I’m a firm believer that the answer to most problems is a lack of self-love. You can have all of the knowledge in the world about how to lose weight and be healthy, but sabotage yourself because deep down you don’t believe you deserve to be well. You have to love yourself exactly where you’re at before you can treat yourself lovingly and make healthy choices.

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