Focus on the Feeling

I want to be thin right now.

I want to have that new job or career right now.

I want a better relationship right now.

Often, when we are ready to make a change, we are impatient to have it. We want it right now.

What if that feeling of impatience was actually slowing the process of you getting what you want?

It’s confusing because we feel like we’re focused on what we want, but that feeling of impatience—or yearning—is really letting us know that we’re more focused on the fact that we aren’t thin right now, or that our current job, relationship, or whatever it is that we want, stinks.

Regardless of where your focus is, how likely is it that the new and improved version of what you want is going to materialize instantly? If the problem didn’t show up overnight, it’s not likely that the solution will be instantaneous either.

But what if you could have the feeling of that new thing right now?

We typically want those new things because of how we will feel when we have them. We often tell ourselves, “When I am thin, have that new job, or better relationship, then I can be happy.”

Maybe you can’t instantly have the thing you want, but if you allow it, you can instantly have the feeling that the thing you want will give you.

When you think about the foundation principle that “Energy Attracts Like Energy,” also known as the Law of Attraction, then it makes sense that the energy from yearning would attract more of the situation that is creating the yearning. The energy from the feeling you are ultimately trying to attain attracts more situations that create that feeling.

Take a moment to think about how being thin or having that new job or relationship—or whatever it is you want—would make you feel. What can you do to feel that way right now?

Think about other things that give you that feeling, and practice that feeling as much as possible. Doing that will support you on your journey towards creating that new situation, rather than holding you back.

Together we can do it!

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6 thoughts on “Focus on the Feeling

  1. I am happy that you tackle this thing her in your post, yes you are right I need to focus on my feeling and my desire to loss my weight… thanks for the motivation hanna… 🙂

  2. Hi Hanna,

    A superb post, as always! Very incisive too. When I think of desirng something I don’t have and then feel frustrated or anxious, I find my mind clouding and in fact, crowding out rational actions that I might otherwise have initiated.

    So, how do I get over this? What works for me is let go of that moment and then visualise the desire- object, status, experience or what have you. With such visualisation can I firm up my commitment. And once I am able to do this, doors of opportunity open up and the journey becomes one of passion and excitement!

    Cheers and God bless.


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