Find Your Purpose

“What is my purpose in life?”

I get that question a lot from clients. Inevitably, they’re searching for What they should be doing.

The more important question to ask yourself is, “Who are you?”

What are your core values? What makes you tick? What are your beliefs? Who do you want to show up as, and how closely are you showing up as that person? How are you connected to the Creator of All-That-Is?

When we have a clear picture of Who we are, we then find clarity in figuring out What our passions are and What we want to spend our time and energy on.

This is because your true purpose in life is to be the absolute best possible version of you!

There’s a reason that no one else on the planet has had the exact same experiences you’ve had, or sees the world in exactly the same way as you do. It is our diversity, not our sameness that makes us special.

The song that you sing on the planet and in the Universe is absolutely unique. Your tune is beautiful on its own, and adds to the greater symphony of life.

But it is only by allowing yourself to wholly produce your special melody that you are fulfilling your reason for being on this planet.

How can you shift your thoughts from What you should be doing, and start paying more attention to Who you really are? How can you start showing up as the bigger and brighter version of you? What difference do you think that would make in the world?

Together we can do it!


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10 thoughts on “Find Your Purpose

  1. Absolutely! If you don’t know who you are you will not be able to find your purpose in life. Once you genuinely know who you are your purpose become clear. Who you are tells you what you should do. Not all the way there yet but on my way!

  2. This is the backbone of the spiritual journey. Getting to truly know yourself. it is a glorious journey indeed. Thanks!

  3. I think I did this when I ran for Congress…. I find usefulness in most people and I know that I am worth a lot. Sometimes though we just go day to day living our lives….. Like we are on a giant treadmill…..

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