4 thoughts on “Wellness Tip of the Day

  1. To add to the line of thought i am adding few lines from Adivita Vedant’

    “You have enclosed yourself in time and space, squeezed yourself into the span of a lifetime and the volume of a body and thus created the innumerable conflicts of life and death, pleasure and pain, hope (desire) and fear. You cannot be rid of problems without abandoning illusions.”

    Vedanta knows no sin. There are mistakes but no sin; and in the long run everything is going to be all right. No Satan — none of this nonsense. Vedanta believes in only one sin, only one in the world, and it is this: the moment you think you are a sinner or anybody is a sinner, that is sin. From that follows every other mistake of what is usually called sin. There have been mistakes in our lives. But we are going on. Glory be unto us that we have made mistakes! Take a long look at your past life. If your present condition is good, it has been caused by all the past mistakes as well as success. Glory be unto success! Glory be unto mistakes! Do not look back upon what has been done. Go ahead”

  2. I’m impressed that you shook off the fuzzy-headedness and found the focus to write! You are my favorite blog. . .oh, prolific one! There are no mistakes, it’s true. . .and I bet you get a really good afternoon nap!

    • Thanks,Stephanie! I love your blog, too! I even liked yesterdays when you didn’t feel like you were writing well. I thought it was actually well done! And the work you are doing with women in prisons is exceptional. Here’s a virtual High Five and pat on the back! You inspire me! Thanks for commenting.

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