Be Happy Now

Often when we set New Year’s resolutions, the underlying thought behind them is, “I will be happy when I achieve that goal.”

What if the true measure of success isn’t whether or not you reach that goal, but is instead how much you enjoy the process of achieving your goal? What if true success is being happy now?

It was a huge change for me when I shifted my thinking from, “I will be happy when I lose weight,” to “I will be happy now and enjoy the journey of reducing my weight.” Huge not in that making this shift was difficult, but huge in the impact it had on my life.

All you have to do to make this mental shift is decide to do so. And the reason that decision is so powerful is because you harness all of your energy by focusing on right now instead of siphoning off so much of it to the future.

Shifting your energy from the future to now is like going from driving with bald tires in the snow to having snow tires, chains, and all-wheel drive. It gives you traction, power, and momentum to reach your goals.

And you get the added bonus of getting to feel good right now and all along the way instead of limiting the amount of time you are happy by putting it off to some future date.

What can you do to shift your focus to the process of achieving your goal? If you know how reaching a goal will feel, how can you choose that feeling right now? Watch for the impact this change has on your life.

Together we can do it!



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4 thoughts on “Be Happy Now

  1. Hi Hanna…Hope all is well. This was a great post but I wish to add one more thought. I personally choose to learn to love myself and my life just as it is, eliminating that need to change, which sends me the message I am not okay as I am…Just a thought. Hope your holidays were wonderful and you are well on the mend now…Blessings…VK

    • That of course is an awesome place to be, and is absolutely perfect. But the desire to grow and evolve is also healthy, and does not preclude the love of self just as you are. It’s like being content where you are, but at the same time, being eager for more. Thanks so much for commenting. I appreciate it!

  2. Hanna,,
    I try to live this… The goal is important but the journey also is. Achieving a goal gives me a sense of accomplishment…. The journey is also rewarding….OK going to the birthday party where chocolate mouse case was served was a challenge… But I did it without a taste (it smelt very good) and I am much more pleased with myself than if I had some… It was hard while they ate it but I did it…

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