Accountability for December 21, 2011

After falling into the cookies, on December 20, I committed to being accountable through the New Year to you fabulous readers about my diet and exercise as I recover from surgery.

Day 2 of no cookies! I was craving chocolate twice, but knowing that I would have to report it to you all, I instead chose a small grapefruit and an apple. Win!

Was not a low-calorie day as we ate lasagna that a friend brought over, which we thoroughly enjoyed and David appreciated not having to cook! Another friend brought over orzo with feta and pine nuts, which I had for lunch. I am basking in the love of my friends!

I did get in my four doctor-prescribed walks—even bumped up my time and incline a bit, so I’m doing well on the exercise.

Another day of progress!

Love your comments!

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