You Have the Answers for You

I’m still excited about getting spade on Wednesday. My positive feelings range from anticipating having two-and-a-half weeks off work and how awesome I am going to feel once I have recovered, to looking forward to meeting the nurses and support staff at the hospital and seeing my doctor in a new way.

It is with 100 percent certainty that I feel I am taking an action that will move me forward on my quest for optimal wellness.

But just because having a hysterectomy is the right step for me does not meant that I am advocating that surgery—or anything else—is the solution for you.

When we feel like we are moving forward on our life journey, it’s easy to suppose that everyone else needs to do the same things to have the same results.

I am as guilty of this as anyone. From taking the “right” supplements, to doing the “right” exercise, to eating the “right” diet, I’m sure I have driven my friends and family mad with my absolute certainty that “this” was THE solution and they were idiots if they didn’t do it, too.

All I can say to them now is, “I’m sorry, and hopefully I won’t do it again.”

What I have come to know is that there is no one “right” way to do anything or to get anywhere. Being certain in my path in no way enlightens me to the path that other’s “should” take.

But at the same time, what I have learned and what I am doing may provide a valuable piece of the puzzle for someone else.

There is a fine line between sharing what is working for you—and providing a positive example—and pushing your agenda onto others.

My intention is to demonstrate that a healthy and happy life is possible, and inspire others to seek it for themselves—but to let them find their own way.

This is how I work with my clients. I believe that each and every person has their own answers—they just may need a little help finding them.

Often, people I work with will ask how they can get those closest to them to do the same things they are doing. There is genuine frustration, anxiety, and even anger over their partner or spouse, children, and friends not immediately joining them on their diet or exercise program, or whatever else they are doing to transform their lives.

My response is always that your wellness journey is your journey. Nobody’s journey looks the same, or follows the same path. How you do it will be as unique as you are. And that’s also true for your husband, best friend, and everyone else who you believe isn’t where you think they should be.

Be passionate about what works for you and let others figure out what works for them. When they are ready to change they will find the way.

Together we can do it!





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