Maintain that Good Feeling

Do you ever notice a moment when you feel great? Maybe it’s when you are laughing with friends, or just after you’ve meditated. Wouldn’t you like to sustain that feeling for as long as possible?

Not only does it feel good, but anabolic emotions actually boost our wellness by releasing endorphins and other beneficial chemicals that support our bodies’ healing abilities. So feeling good is actually good for you!

While it can be beneficial to try to slowly raise your emotional energy level when you catch yourself in a bad mood, it’s an even more powerful exercise to grab hold of a good feeling and run with it, making it last for as long as possible.

One way to do this is to consciously think about other things that you enjoy while you are feeling good.

For instance, after meditating this morning, I felt fabulous. From that good feeling place I stroked my rabbit-soft kitten who had settled in my lap and I thought about all the things about her that I love and appreciate. I thought about my sweet and generous husband, and all the things about members of my family that I appreciate. Then it was time to greet our other cat and two dogs and I thought about how much love they add to my life. Then I thought about coffee and how much I appreciate how it smells and tastes, and the ritual that it provides to my morning. I thought about how great I feel after working out, the beauty of the light on the mountains as the sun rises, how connected I feel when I’m writing a blog, and the way the holiday decorations I finished putting out last night transform our home.

The next time you catch yourself feeling good, what can you do to sustain it? What thoughts can you think? How long can you make that feeling last?

If you need an excuse, just remember feeling good is good for you!

Together we can do it!

18 thoughts on “Maintain that Good Feeling

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