Appreciate Life

Do you ever just give thanks for being alive?

On day 17 of my Gratitude Challenge the assignment is to write about something I feel grateful for in my life. As I contemplated all the wonderful things I could focus on, I realized that I would have none of it without the Divine spark called life that animates my physical body and creates my being.

So today, I give thanks for life. That Source Energy that beats my heart in perfect rhythm, ensures that I breathe in and out, and enables me to enjoy this moment and all that I have experienced—and will ever experience—regardless of how I judge it good or bad.

I give thanks for the thoughts, emotion, awareness, and focus that I have in this moment that results from my being alive. I give thanks for the physical sensations that I am experiencing—the sip of simultaneously sweet and bitter smelling and tasting coffee, the sound and feel of the computer keys as I type, the gray light on the mountains that I see outside my office window that shifts in a second as the sun breaks through the clouds.

For this deep feeling of appreciation I give thanks. For this moment in time I give thanks. For connecting with you and everyone in my life, I give thanks. For being alive and experiencing everything that entails, I give thanks.

What are you feeling grateful for in your life today? Take a moment to focus on that and truly appreciate it. Take note of how much better you feel.

Together we can do it!

6 thoughts on “Appreciate Life

  1. I feel like so often we don’t appreciate simply being alive until we encounter something that makes us realize its a gift. Whether this is a car accident, illness or injury, it’s amazing what it takes to put things into perspective. I’m try to appreciate the simple things in life, and being alive is certainly one of them!

  2. It’s funny, but until a relative was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, I’d never noticed how much I appreciate “normalcy.” I’d never realized what a lovely gift just a daily routine is, until you witness it being interrupted by chemo and radiation treatments and endless doctor visits. I’ve been trying to appreciate the things I used to think were boring and routinized, because you never realize when those things might be taken from you. My relative has been able to find gifts in the new routine, which has been a blessing for her and for me as well. Finding gifts in ordinary things (and sometimes extraordinary things) seems to be what it’s all about.

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