Shift from Grumbling to Gratitude

Do you ever catch yourself grumbling about what someone close to you did or didn’t do?

I know I cause a certain someone to grumble about me not putting my shoes in the closet and leaving little piles of things around the house that I’m going to put away “later.”

By comparison, how much time do you spend thinking about all the wonderful qualities that person has, and how much they add to your life?

Even though I consciously spend a lot of time focused on appreciation, I’ve noticed over the past several weeks how often those little moments of frustration—and maybe even resentment—pop up over little things.

For me, those little things seem to show up most clearly when I feel like I’m not getting the support that I would like. This indicates that I’m either looking in the wrong place for support, or I’m not asking for what I want in my relationships.

Now that I have this awareness, when I’m conscious of a resentment surfacing I can either shift my focus to the true Source of my support, or I can figure out what it is I want and ask for it. Both of those options are much more empowering than being struck in the grumble—or worse not even noticing it.

In the assignment for day 13 of my Gratitude Challenge I am to pick three friends or family members that I see regularly and view their actions and gestures through a positive lens, assuming their goodness and witnessing their best intentions.

Seeing the best in others is truly where I want my focus to be. When I feel any resentment bubbling to the surface I am going to shift my attention and let those irritations run through my mind like water running through my fingers.

Together we can do it!

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