I’m Positive about Surgery

The assignment for day 12 of my Gratitude Challenge is to make the effort to live life with a positive outlook.

This would normally be a slam dunk for me. This is something I focus on every day. As the assignment describes, my intention is always to restrain from criticizing the people around me, dare to see the glass as half full, listen more than I speak, give freely of myself, and practice kindness at every opportunity.

So it’s very interesting to me that I awoke this morning with intense physical discomfort that is centered around my female parts, which are soon to be history. Perhaps if you were to witness the intensity of this discomfort, it would give you an inkling as to why I have made this decision. After dealing with these issues since I was 15 and trying more alternative treatments than I can count on both hands, it feels like the next logical step to take more mainstream action.

I have been reluctant to share this decision with you fabulous readers for a number of reasons. Mostly because I have been worried about your judgment. My assumption is that many of you will challenge my decision-making process to turn to surgery, and I frankly don’t want to justify it. There is also the concern that people won’t want to go to a wellness coach who isn’t, in their opinion, 100 percent well.

That sounds like an immediate negative reaction to me. Here I am altering my behavior because I am afraid of what you might think. That’s never a good reason to do anything. And frankly, it’s being critical of you without giving you the benefit of allowing you to respond however you respond.

So today, with this assignment, I’m changing how I think about sharing my surgery with you. There may be people who judge me and that’s OK. There may be people who don’t understand that this feels like the next logical step on my wellness journey, and that’s OK, too. Because I know what I went through to get to this point. And I know that this feels strongly like the direction the Universe is guiding me. And if either of those change based on what others say, then I do need to rethink my course of action.

I’m also choosing to share this because maybe my decision to pursue this path to wellness will inspire or soothe someone else who is struggling with their own wellness journey. And to me, nothing is more important than being of benefit to someone else.

So on December 14, I am going in for a hysterectomy. Or as I like to call it, getting spade. Yes, I plan to get micro-chipped at the same time. That should make running without identification a lot easier.

I feel really good about this decision, and now I feel good about sharing this journey with you. And I really look forward to leaving behind 29 years worth of female trouble and pursing an even healthier and happier future.

Together we can do it!

22 thoughts on “I’m Positive about Surgery

  1. Good for you sharing and I am behind you 100%. I understand your fears that you discussed here but know that I am in your corner as are many others I am sure. I love your comment about microchipping! Sending you my love and prayers – Tracy

  2. What a terrific choice–gratitude over dread! I look forward to your incident-free surgery and speedy recovery. Please make sure to enter your correct address information for your micro-chip; it would be awful to end up at the wrong address after your hospital visit.

  3. Your female problems are genetic, I think, since I had them as well. As the tumors grew and as did the discomfort, when the doctor suggested surgery I said yes without a moments regret. Gosh, that was 20 odd years ago! No regrets since, either! And, as you know, I have been interested in alternative health for 40 years! You are a splendid coach! All is well!

  4. Female troubles are the curse of my family so I certainly understand how you feel. Nobody who hasn’t gone through it understands how it saps a person’s strength and affects quality of life. I support your decision 100 percent. And I wish you a quick recovery, and health and happiness always.

  5. You made the right decision for you, and that is what’s important! I think most of us would have come to the same conclusion. Hooray for wellness! Hooray for you, for sharing this with your readers!

  6. Absolutely the right decision, sugar, one I fully and completely support. You have given this decision a great deal of thought it IS the next logical step. Lining up with it and focusing on a positive outcome will ensure your wellness. Sharing your story enhances your ability to coach others toward the best possible version of themselves. Well done!!
    Love you!!!

  7. At first when I saw your day 12 post on the Group Challenge page I was “Uh Oh … someone decided to go rogue and not take the one day break I built in … LOL .. but when I read your post I knew it was something that was weighing heavily on your heart in the moment and you needed to release it. Thank you so much for sharing this with us Hanna. Not an ounce of judgment here; only love and compassion for what you are going through. It takes courage to face our fears. Being transparent is very liberating. I’ve learned to just put it all out there with no attachment to the opinions of others. What I have found is that those who matter don’t mind; those who mind don’t matter (Well they matter, but their opinions certainly don’t). My prayers are with you and David. I know you have given this a great deal of thought and are convinced you are making the right decision. I support you 110%.

  8. You’re my hero, Hanna! I’ve been taking the ostrich-approach to these problems after a doctor told me 5 years ago, “that’s just normal for a woman your age.” No, actually, turns out it isn’t normal and we shouldn’t just accept that, as women, pain is “normal” and the only thing to do is deal with it! So, finally (and with your help and doctor recommendation), I’ve done something about it and changed doctors and hopefully can get some much needed help and relief! Thank you!

  9. Wow – good for you! There should never be any judgement – if this is what you need to do – do it! No one can know what you are going through 100% – only you! All the best with the surgery – I wish you a speedy recovery and happy health. Best thoughts with you as you heal.

  10. I also had my female parts removed while I ran for Congress in 2008. I did it because I had a breast cancer gene. I have never looked back on this . The top parts were removed in March of 2009. I am happy, healthy and here. I will see the men my children become and the grandchildren they might father. I hope your surgery goes well. It was more tiring than painful.

  11. Thank you for stopping by my blog! As a fellow female with medical issues I’ll be interested to follow your progress 😀

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