Silly Little Signs of Love

A gentle touch in passing, a cup of coffee ready and waiting, an inside joke, a silly song for a favorite pet, the sound of a laugh. It’s easy to overlook these small things, but it is often the small things that add so much texture and joy to life.

When we look for those small things that give us pleasure, acknowledge them, and appreciate them, we are adding a richness and spice to our lives. And every moment we spend in appreciation and joy actually enhances our bodies’ ability to heal and achieve wellness. It also just feels good.

Today is day nine of my Gratitude Challenge and the assignment is to enjoy the people around me, and to take note of their unique talents, abilities, and personalities.

This means being present in the moment and acknowledging those fleeting moments where love is expressed in a caress, a laugh springs from a shared sense of humor or experience, and a tiny gift is given that enhances my day. It also means contemplating those people I am with and truly valuing them for their unique perspective, and the gifts they bring to me—and the world.

We often hold contentment, joy, and happiness away from ourselves as we wait for the big things we want to materialize in our lives. By being so focused on that future thing—maybe it’s losing weight, getting the right job, making a certain amount of money, or waiting for someone else to change, etc.—we miss out on the happiness that could be ours right now.

What do you notice today that you might have normally overlooked? How does that small thing make you feel? How long can you make that good feeling linger?

Together we can do it!

Love your comments!

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