Throw Away Your To-Do List

I woke up late this morning. It’s pretty clear to me that my body is letting me know that after about a month of going flat-out it’s time for some rest. This is time I plan to give myself—this weekend.

In the mean time, what do I do with this day that’s already off schedule?

Stick to Priorities

It is particularly important on days when things aren’t going as planned to let go of the things that aren’t a priority.

Think about what’s really important right now. You can do this by prioritizing what’s coming up in your schedule next, by making a list and ranking items in order of importance and urgency, or digging deeper and ranking things by your internal values so you can really tap into your inner motivation.

For me, I do a mix of all of these. My values include making my connection with my Higher Self my number one priority and maintaining my self-care so that I have the physical energy to make the most of my day.

So even though I had half my usual time, my first priorities were getting in a short meditation, and then doing a short workout afterwards. Was it the best meditation and workout I’ve ever had? No. Do I feel more centered and energized? You better believe it!

Having met my top priorities based on my personal values, now I can look at my to-do list. What really has to get done today? What are the things I would like to get to if I have the time and energy? What are the things I can reschedule? What are the things I just need to let go of?

Let’s just say that housework will not be at the top of my agenda today. Although my husband might argue it’s never at the top of my agenda!

Look for Opportunities

We are often so scheduled and planned in our lives that we don’t allow the Universe to lead us to the opportunities that might fulfill us at a deeper and more profound level, or truly move us forward to who we are and what we want. My schedule going kablooie is my signal to let go of control and look for meaningful encounters or experiences.

If you’re focused on your priorities and still get interrupted or side-tracked, throw away your to-do list. Do your best to go with the flow, keeping your eyes and mind open to the gifts that are coming your way.

Gifts don’t always have to be fun (in the moment) to be meaningful. Sometime the biggest gift is recognizing that the things we mark off on our to-do list do not equal our value as a person.

And even if your day is going as planned, look for the gifts that are coming your way.

Together we can do it!

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