Let Go of What You Can’t Control and Enjoy What You Can

Are you in control of how perfectly earth orbits the sun, or the moon orbits the earth? Are you in control of making sure birds and animals migrate at the right time every year? Are you in control of the beating of your heart and the blood pumping in your veins? Are you in control of how situations unfold? Are you in control of how other people react in those situations?

Often the things that cause people the greatest struggle, stress, and distress are the things they not only can’t control, but for which they have no responsibility.

The only thing we truly can control in life is how we respond to the situations that are unfolding around us and how we respond to the reactions of others.

Certainly there are things we can influence. We can influence if our bodies are well or sick by the food we eat, the movement we undertake, and the thoughts we think. We must undertake actions, such as brushing our teeth every day, going for a walk, and choosing an apple over a candy bar. We must practice thoughts that lend themselves to the beliefs that we can be healthy, deserve to be healthy, and that a healthy body is achievable. But really, the actions we must undertake to achieve and maintain a healthy body are pretty limited.

We can influence our metabolism, but we do not control it. We can influence our blood pressure, but we do not have to consciously make our hearts beat. We can hold our breath for a short while, but we will have to breathe eventually.

Allow whatever power you believe to be behind the perfect movement of the earth and moon, the instinct of the animals, and the beating of your heart to take care of those things that you can’t control, and for which you are not responsible. Let go of the worry and stress you have about those things.

Then figure out those few actions that you can take that will move you towards the life of your dreams—and do those things well.

By releasing the weight of the world from your responsibility, you feel lighter and happier, and it actually gives you the energy to do more of the things that you can do—and that you want to do. All you have to do is practice letting go of what you can’t control, and enjoy doing what you can. 

Together we can do it!

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