Expect Presents!

Fridays always give me an emotional lift. There’s satisfaction in completing the work week, and looking back and seeing how much I’ve accomplished since Monday. It’s also fun to contemplate what the weekend and week ahead will bring.

Because I’m spending a lot of time looking back and looking forward, Fridays are also a great day to remind myself to be present—and to look for the presents that I am receiving.

No, I’m not expecting any packages wrapped in pretty paper—although I am open to one appearing! I’m talking about the gifts from life, the Universe, God—whatever term works for you—that we get each and every day.

They are there regardless of how good or bad a day we’re having. It’s up to us to look for, and to consciously acknowledge and receive them.

So far today, I’ve received the gift of opening my eyes at exactly the time I wanted to get up—even though the alarm clock is set later in the morning for my husband. This gave me the gift of time to meditate, which is how I love to start my day.

As my feet hit the floor, I received the gift of love from my two dogs and two cats, who greet me every morning as if I am the best thing in the whole world. They all jockey for the best position to get petted, and literally kiss my hands and feet. What a welcoming committee for the day!

A song was already playing in my mind, the refrain from “Tweedlee Dee” by LaVern Baker and The Gliders. What a gift to wake up singing, “Tweedlee tweedlee tweedlee dee, I’m as happy as can be.”

My body feeling good as I worked out this morning was a gift. The hot water from my shower streaming over my body and revitalizing my mind and muscles was a gift. My delicious and healthy breakfast was a gift. The fog over the mountains that appeared as the sun rose in the sky was a gift, as was my inspiration to write this blog.

What gifts have you received already today? How many more are in store for you? Look for them, acknowledge them, and joyfully receive them. The present is truly overflowing with an abundance of presents if you just look for them.

Together we can do it!

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