Have a Good Day!

I have a friend whose husband died unexpectedly while they were getting ready for work one morning. He literally died in her arms. Not long after, I asked how she was doing. “I’m having a few bad moments in otherwise good days,” was her response.

That struck me not only in the heart, but in the head. If she wasn’t allowing the sudden and traumatic death of her husband to bring her down, than what excuse did I have for responding badly to anything going on in my life?

The lesson for me was that life happens. What we judge to be good—and bad. Taking control of our life and creating the life of our dreams doesn’t mean we will never experience difficult situations. What it means is that we will see those situations differently and will choose our responses rather than just reacting.

You have the power to have a few bad moments in an otherwise good day—no matter what is going on in your life—or you can focus so much on that bad thing that you have a terrible day.

Now that you know you have a choice, what kind of day are you going to have?

Together we can do it!

Love your comments!

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