Believe in What You Eat

Have you ever noticed how many “healthy” ways there are to eat?

You can count calories, you can count points, you can count carbs, you can limit carbs and count fat, you can eat the right kinds of fat, you can eat small amounts of carbs and protein many times a day, you can eat only organic, you can eat only organic vegetarian, you can eat only organic vegan, you can eat whole foods, you can eat raw foods, you can eat certain foods in certain combinations, etc., etc.

It’s enough to make anyone’s mental computer crash and require a cookie to reboot!

Perhaps there are so many eating plans because there are so many unique people, body chemistries, and perspectives? What is healthy to one person may literally be someone else’s poison.

Our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs play a significant role. If you think, feel, and believe a certain food is bad for you, how beneficial will it be to your body? How about if you believe a food is exceptionally good for you?

For instance, if you don’t believe in eating meat, you probably shouldn’t eat meat. I personally don’t believe that drinking coffee is good for me. There are a lot of people who do just fine with coffee and there’s actually a lot of scientific evidence that coffee is good for you. But I do believe that tea is beneficial, and I drink lots of green and yerba mate teas. That’s what feels healthy to me.

Figure out what healthy eating means to you. What foods make your body thrive, and which foods make your body thud into the energy basement? What foods do you believe are healthy, and what foods should you avoid? What way of eating is sustainable for you? Then pick the healthy eating plan that most aligns with what works for you.

Together we can do it!

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